Will these stories be sent to anyone? Is this political?

No. I’m not collecting these on behalf of anyone or to any end goal. And no, this site was made with the intention of staying away from politics surrounding access restrictions in Gariwerd. It’s just a place to share words and stories in celebration of Gariwerd from a climbers perspective or otherwise. 

Does my story have to be about Taipan?

No. Anywhere in Gariwerd or Djurid/Mount Arapiles is fine. Any type of climbing or outdoor activity is fine as well. 

Do you have any plans for these stories?

Yes. I have thought of perhaps making a publication or book out of the imagery and selected stories down the line. I will contact the author(s) before including any stories or photos submitted here. I will donate all proceeds of any future publication to the traditional owners, the climbing community and mental health organisations. 

Can I remove my information?

Yes. These stories are stored on a cloud service database. They will remain editable at all times. All information fields can be made blank if you so choose, effectively removing your story and personal information. On request I can delete your record id for you as well, meaning you’ll have to fill in the home page form again. 

When you edit or remove information from your story, it’s instantly updated. There are backups on the cloud database that last for 1 year, so if you delete something by mistake I can help.
However, If you wish for anything to be deleted permanently I’m happy to do so on request.

Email me at [email protected] 

I find a story abusive or not in the spirit of this site, can I report it?

Yes. There is a Report Abuse button to the far right of each story on the home page. There is a form to fill out, you will be emailed and the post will be reviewed. Once a post is flagged it is instantly hidden from the home page until a review is conducted. This website is for the community so the community will have the say in moderating the stories. 

Can I help out?

Yes. You can help by sharing this site with people who you think it may help and who you trust to write from a good place.

Who can I talk to about my mental health?
Anybody who is having trouble processing the news should reach out to their support system or services like the following:
Beyond Blue, Headspace, Kids Helpline (for ages 5-25), Black Dog Institute
I have another question?

Email me at [email protected]

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